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Well, I was on the phone w/ Walgreen's for 21 minutes, but managed to get my money completely refunded, so that's nice. Then I decided that I'd try the MacBook again.

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad idea. It was even less than 15 minutes this time, and I was getting chills, head pain, nausea, eye pain, you name it. I couldn't figure out how to find where to change the refresh timing before the migraine pain kicked up, so I just decided to throw in the towel. I'm not keeping some BUCO EXPENSIVE thing that just makes my head hurt worse than usual.

So Mom and I eventually headed off to Best Buy to return it. The dude who handled our return was very nice, friendly, willing to take the Mac back. He was impressed that we'd bought it only yesterday, and said that he was sorry when I explained why I was bringing it back.

Then, on the way home, we stopped at Walgreen's to try and get the stuff that the bastards didn't send in the order that was mashed. Well, they no longer carry NYC, and I couldn't find the cucumber things, so that was a wash.

I did however, get some Color Oops to wash the Blue hair out (as it's now purple, which is not acceptable in my book!) and some hair dye. :D (oh shit! I just realized I forgot to use my $2 off coupon on the hair dye. shit...) Oh well. I'll post B/D/A pix with my shiny new camera. (I love my new camera!)

So as soon as Marcelle leaves, I'm going to go take a marathon shower and rinse the blue out, and then dye my hair the ~mystery~ color. *hehehe*
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So I can't get at my LJ to see if I've posted about this, so if I cover ground that I've already posted about, my apologies.

After trying six bazillion ways from Sunday to get the $^*&@#^$!_^$!*#&_#@&^%)*^#$*(#&%^*&$^%#(*$&#@(*%&@*&^*_!&)&%^#_$*&^% ePUB file's ToC to come out right with the Windows version of the Mac software Scrivener, I decided to break down and bankrupt myself by buying a new (IE NOT refurbished) MacBook. So yesterday, Mom took me to Best Buy, and she bought me one. I now owe her a metric shitton of money, that I'm going to pay back in installments over the coming months.

Well, we got home, and I turned it on and started to try and set things up and figure out how to use a Mac, when I've been raised on Windows based computers.

I did ok for about 10 minutes. The keyboard was bugging me because it's positioned slightly differently than my HP laptop's one is. I'm not saying that it's not a QWERTY keyboard, it is, it's just that I'm not an orthodox typist, as I use the "wrong" finger on some keys. For an example, I hit the space bar, not with my thumbs, but always with my right index finger. So that was a learning curve. However, by about 15 minutes into starting up and beginning to navigate my way around, I realized that my eyes were hurting, my head was hurting, I was getting nauseous and shaky, and generally not feeling well.

Well shit. I had been doing fine all days so far, so it wasn't that I was doing a yo-yo, or something like that. I was terribly afraid that it was the MacBook that was causing the migraine to kick into high gear, so I shut it down, put it aside, and called Mark to get somebody to calm me down, as Mom was off to lunch. Mark was awesome and just listened and made the appropriate noises, and then recommended that I go and (literally) cool off with a shower/bath and just relax.

So I did.

The migraine reseeded, and all was right with the world again. Except I had this very expensive, brand new machine that was making me physically ill. Shit. So, the gods smile on my Not Good day, and, despite the DDoS attack over on LJ, I managed to post to [community profile] migraines, asking if other migraneures had similar experiences. I got one result soon after I posted, telling me that I might need to adjust the refresh speed on the Mac's screen. I didn't know there was such a thing, so that was nice to know. Still, I didn't touch the Mac for the rest of the day.

This morning, I woke up too early for sanity's sake, (~5:15am) and so, after reading some, drinking coffee, eating breakfast, and slaughtering Mom in a couple games of mancala, (African stone counting game) Mom and I agreed that it needed to be given a second chance, in case yesterday afternoon was just a bad afternoon regardless of whether or not I had used the Mac or not.

Well, while I was using the Mac (and starting to feel ill again), I was reading my email, and got another response from the post I'd made. This one said that it might be that the MacBook, being new, is "outgassing", or burning off some of the new computer chemicals as it gets warm for the first time. So, as recommended, I left the little guy running, but away from me in a well ventilated area (the sun room) for a while. After a while, I'll bring it back to the couch, and try playing with it again, and see if I can then use it with impunity.

In other news, the box with the presents I ordered for Aimee arrived. The outside of the box was squished like hell, and the internal packaging of the products was severely squished as well. I was one annoyed [personal profile] hanselle. Then, as I was talking with Aimee, I remembered that there should be three items in the box. There was only the squished one. So I checked the mailing sheet, and it claims that all three products were mailed in the box. The Hell they were. So this morning, after I post this, I'm going to call Walgreen's Customer Service number and yell at them, cuz all of this is unacceptable. It's supposed to be a present, and it looks like it was run over. Oh, and I'm missing 2/3 of my order. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

Ok, I'm going to go hit Post on this Dreamwidth entry, pray it'll get Xposted to LJ when the DDoS calms down, and then call them and demand satisfactory service. Then I'll try the Mac again.

Wish me luck! I'm gunna need it...


Apr. 10th, 2011 09:05 am
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This is a test of In-case-LJ-dies-again-and-I-NEED-to-post-something-NOW system.

So moo like a chicken for me y'all.


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